Toyota – 3000 lbs – 3 wheels

Strategically configured display screen for easy reading On-demand hydrostatic power steering for effortless maneuverability Hood-mounted hydraulic controls for convenient access Memory-tilt steering column for custom comfort Robust anti-slip floor mat for increased safety Integrated switch for headlights and blinkers for simplified operation Operator Restraint System (ORS) with full-suspension seat for optimal comfort

The Toyota 3-wheel electric forklift, offered by Securlift, is a versatile forklift that leads the industry in terms of range, travel speed, and lift and lower speed. Available in a “short” model, this ergonomic and easy-to-maintain 3-wheel electric forklift is a valuable asset for all applications, including narrow aisles and confined spaces. With Securlift and Toyota, performance and comfort meet to offer you a top-tier lifting solution.